About Us

Future Kitchen

A vision that was born out of focused nutritional understanding with respect to the human body, Future Kitchen is the bridge to the gap between ideal nutrition and optimal health. Without proper nutrition, our body does not work at its peak capacity, similar to the difference between unleaded petrol and enhanced petrol with additives.

Future Kitchen aims to concoct diets for people as per their body's status and requirements. It is also imperative that the young generation learns what to eat and when to eat. Future Kitchen aims to cater to schools, colleges, corporate offices and anyone who wishes to eat healthy.

Dr. Asif B. Khan

Dr. Asif Baig Khan has worn numerous hats over his 14-year career. He has donned the hat of a wellness chef, a fitness trainer, an integrated medical expert, a spa consultant and a research scientist in food and nutrition.

His journey of fitness began after a profoundly personal experience. While employed as a spa consultant and a hotelier, he spent a decade ignoring his body and health. This resulted in a rude awakening to a body that was obese and a mind that was disturbed. However, instead of buckling under the enormous weight of his unhealthy lifestyle, he decided to walk down the challenging yet transformational path of personal change. In three months, he successfully reconstructed his damaged body through conscientious exercise, relaxation therapy and a balanced sports-nutrition-meal plan; emerging stronger, wiser and healthier. For more details on his transformation, please visit www.biotransformlife.com

A flurry of hotels and spas offering Ayurvedic treatments led Dr. Asif to conduct a research on it. That is when he realized that Ayurvedic medicine helped alleviate countless lifestyle diseases, even ones that Allopathy could not address. He then decided to let go of his job and start studying medicine, sports therapy and the science of Ayurveda. After a Bachelors in Sports and Nutrition, he once again joined hands with hotels, as a Spa Consultant.

This led Dr. Asif to design Bio Transforming Life; a brand that helps him coach, guide and help others reconstruct their damaged bodies. He kick started the Fitness Transformation Program at the Goa Marriott, running it successfully for three years, before bringing it to the JW Marriott in Mumbai.

A message for all...

To start eating healthy is easier than you think.

A Dr. Asif Khan Wellness Clinic initiative, Future Kitchen is a gourmet catering service that was established with the sole aim of ensuring access to healthy, nutritious, wholesome and more importantly, customized meals that work to better your health and keep you fit, not just sate your hunger. Meals are meticulously planned to suit individual needs; keeping in mind several prevalent lifestyle ailments such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Cardio Vascular issues that need to be considered. Future Kitchen meals are designed to help you overcome them and keep them in check.

As a trained medical expert, fitness trainer and an individual who is passionate about cooking, it is my responsibility to ensure that your body receives food that accelerates repair, aids in healing ailments and helps transform your life into a fitter, healthier one.

Once personalized, our menus are the answer to all your food needs. Be it breakfast, mid-day snacks, lunch, tea or dinner, we visualize your daily dietary needs and send you meals designed to aid your fitness and good health. The kitchen features separate sections for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food preparation.

With a core ideology to eliminate food groups that impede the body's healing, Future Kitchen has its focus on one thing only - your health. Our kitchen is completely free from:

  • Diary products
  • Gluten
  • Refined Flour
  • Polished grains
  • Sugar

By eliminating these five food groups, we help the body fight:

  • Oxidation: Oxygen steals electrons from atoms and compounds that are present in our cells, resulting in our DNA being damaged. At Future Kitchen, our meals are high in anti-oxidizing components, to fight this process.
  • Glycation: Sugar enters our blood stream, and goes straight into fat cells, leading to obesity and other metabolic diseases. To curb this, at Future Kitchen, all our meals are sugar free.
  • Inflammation: Arteries, veins, cartilage, joints and our intestines are prone to severe inflammations, causing us to tire easily when we eat complex carbohydrates. At Future Kitchen, our meals include anti-inflammatory components.

Our Pride - Activated Water

It is a matter of great pride for us that we are the only kitchen in India to use Kangen water - specially imported from Japan - to wash our vegetables and raw materials to turn them organic, in-house.

Kangen water (meaning - Return to Origin) is a relatively new water activation phenomenon that has taken the wellness world by storm. It comes from a powerful Japanese technology that utilises the latest technology that has propelled alkaline ionised water into residences and businesses as well. Essentially, it has the following advantages :

  1. It acts as a chemical-free sanitiser that kills 99.9% of all bacteria
  2. Leaches toxins and pesticides from vegetables and other raw material
  3. Duplicates the property of waters found in healing locations across the world.
  4. Is good for skin and beauty, in general.

How will I benefit from this?

Are you a corporate in need of a healthier lifestyle, a working professional who doesn't have time to cook wholesome meals, a student with no access to healthy food or a production house that would like its team to eat nutritious? There are solutions for everyone. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is to watch what goes into your body. Our recipes, meal-plans and customized menus are here to help you achieve just that.