It's easier than you think, to start eating healthy!

Future Kitchen is a gourmet catering BRAND which is a Dr. Asif khan wellness clinic initiative. Our goal is to bring you meals that are healthy, nutritious, personalized and empowers you combat health issues. Our meals are planned to suit individual needs; whether you have diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure or cardio-vascular ailments, we have a menu to help you overcome them. As a trained medical expert, fitness trainer and a passionate person who cook himself, I ensure that your body receives food, which - accelerates repair, aids in healing your ailments and helps you transform your life into a fitter and healthier one.

Our menus, once personalized hold the solution to all your food needs. From breakfast to mid-day snacks, to lunch, tea and dinner, we visualize your daily dietary needs and send you meals designed to keep you fit and healthy. Our kitchen has a separate section to cook vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Future Kitchen's core ideology is to eliminate food groups that impede the body from healing and you from becoming healthier. Our kitchen is completely free from.

Dairy product | Gluten free | Refined Flour | Polished grains | Sugar

The only kitchen in India which use Kangen water specially import for Japan to wash our vegetable and raw material to make it organic in-house. check out the website www.mykangenwater.org

Are you a corporate leader in need of a healthier lifestyle, a working professional that doesn't have time to cook wholesome meals, a student with no access to healthy food or a production house that would like its team to eat a nutritious meal? We have a solution for everyone. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is to watch what goes into your body, through your mouth. Our recipes, meal-plans and customized menus are here to help you achieve just that.

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