Our Team

Food is what we do best. Yes, our service is excellent and the convenience of our gourmet diet delivery is second-to-none, but when it comes down to it, the fresh food we create is the foundation on which our success is built.

We are all foodies here and take real pride in Future Kitchen. We design special ingredients and take special care when preparing them. We source as ethically as possible, with the provenance and freshness of our food being as important as its taste.

We believe that organic, free range or wild ingredients are not only free from many of the additives commonly used in food production, but have a natural flavour that factory farmed products cannot compete with. We never use GMO products and buy fish only from sustainable stocks.

  • Experienced chefs & an award winning team
  • Gourmet diet delivery service
  • Location close to fresh ingredients
  • Ethically sourced
  • Blast chilling to ensure freshness
  • High standard kitchens
  • Five stars for hygienic practices

The chefs here work hard to find good ethical producers and quality importers that share our integrity and love of tasty, free range, natural produce.

Our Experts

Brilliant food requires brilliant people. Our talented team of chefs, dieticians and nutritionists are all experts in their fields. They work together to offer you perfectly balanced, gourmet food. We monitor all of our programmes closely to meet your requirements to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Everyone at Future kitchen works hard to ensure that your food and our service is of the highest standard.

Dr. Asif B. Khan

Doctor Asif's journey is one that began 14 years ago, as a personal trainer with a 5 star hotel. It was during the course of his time there that he happened to notice that the hotel had something called a 'Spa' department. This was the first time he came across a spa. Back then, most of the hotels and spas would offer only Ayurvedic treatments. Upon doing a bit of research, Dr. Asif realised that Ayurveda helps in tackling a wide array of lifestyle diseases that modern medicine cannot. Driven by this information, he quit his job and backed by his knowledge of corporate, medical and sports therapy, studied medicine and the science of Ayurveda. He also went on to do his Bachelors in Sports Nutrition, after which he returned to being a part of hotels as Spa Consultant.

After working as a Spa Consultant for 9 years, unfortunately, obesity set in. From 75 kgs when he began, his weight shot up to 104 kgs. From that point onwards, Dr. Asif travelled to the other extreme, reconstructing his damaged body and going back to a healthy weight of 75 kgs, with 11% body fat. For a more detailed account of this journey, please visit www.biotransformlife.com

As for the birth of Future Kitchen, it stemmed from the fact that Dr. Asif always had a focus on nutrition because of the simple understanding that if our body does not receive proper nutrition, it will not function optimally. A simple analogy would be the difference between unleaded petrol and petrol with performance enhancing additives.

It was this insight that lead him to envision Future Kitchen, a place where food will be crafted as per the need of every individual body, including children, who will finally learn what to eat and when to eat Future Kitchen also intends to tie up with schools, colleges, corporate offices and anyone who wishes to consume healthy and nutritious food.